Social Benefit Unit is one of the two units under the Social Welfare Division, it is responsible for looking after School Fee Support Fund and Elderly Fund schemes. School Fee Support Fund is the scheme that first initiated in 1996 and the Elderly Fund scheme is established in 2004. Both schemes were previously coordinated by Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs, before moving to the newly established ministry (MWYSA) in 2013. In 2015, School Fund and Elderly Fund schemes were merge together and govern by Social Benefit Unit in the Social Welfare Division. 



 Social Benefit Unit main responsibilities are to provide:

  1. Information and assistance to the public regarding the Elderly Fund and School Fee schemes.
  2. School fee for students whose parent(s) deceased or disabled.
  3.  Provide fund to senior citizens of Kiribati; $50/month for 65 – 69 years & $60/month for 70+ years. 



There are 3 staff in this unit. 

Mr Eram Kinta – Social Protection Coordinator

Ms Anna Baibuke – Elderly fund Officer

 Ms Rina Matia – Student Social Support Officer