Welfare and Counselling is one of the Social Welfare main unit. The Social Welfare division was established a couple of decades back and evolved in fulfilling its role in the national development. The main goal of this Unit is to focus and ensure that Children are well protected, disadvantages and Families in the communities have the will to self – reliance, build self - esteem, confidence and break out of dependency mindset.  Social Welfare division had been placed under different Ministries until its final placement within the Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs in 2013.


Division’S MAIN Responsibilities

Welfare and Counseling Unit services are:

  1. Provision of Counseling services (Online and Face to Face)
  2. Provision of Care and Protection Policy to address Child abuse and family cases.
  3. Juvenile Justice Programs
  4. Positive Parenting Styles
  5. Pre & Post Marriages Programs
  6. Provision of guidance to survivors (children and women) needing immediate assistance.
  7. Assisting survivors/victims to evacuate when necessary
  8. Provision of Community Impact Assessment for the Parole Board. 



Mr Tabotabo Auatabu – Principal social Welare officer

Ms Tannako Baraam – Senior Social Welfare officer

Mr Byreaa Amon – Social Welfare Officer

Ms Teinabure Atarake – Social Welfare Officer


Ms Tinia Rakenang – Social Welfare Officer