Youth Division


Youth section was first introduced to MHMS (Ministry of Health and Medical Services), then moved to MESD (Ministry of Environment and Social Development) and transferred again to MOE (Ministry of Education) before transferring to MISA (Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs). The government established MWYSA (Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs) in 2013, and Youth division was one of the main divisions within this ministry.

The main objective of this youth division is to improve and enhance the development status and general welfare of the Kiribati youth and children. It is also to facilitate the acquisition of skills and orientation that will assist young people in making desirable choices for self-development and full participation at all levels in society.


Division's Main Responsibilities

  1. Developing, facilitating, coordinating, implementing, managing and enhance youth programs, services and projects.
  2. Initiating and conducting youth training programs at island and national level
  3. Provide technical assistance for NGO’s with youth related programs.
  4. Representing Kiribati Youth at international and regional meeting.



Tarateima Tewareka – Senior Youth Development Officer

Tarawaniman Iamti – Youth Officer

Teenati Tiberete – Youth Officer


Principal Youth Division