Sport Division


Sport Division was first established in 1980’s with the Ministry of Home Affairs then was moved to the Ministry of Health. During 1990’s it was moved to the Ministry of Environment and Social Affairs. In 2003 it officially moved and recognized to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport then moved to Ministry of Internal ad Social Affairs. In October 2013 during the establishment of a new ministry (MWYSA), Sport Division moved from MISA and became one of a Division under MWYSA till date.

It's main purpose is to administer the organization of sport for the benefit of athletes, national federations, the ministry and the government of Kiribati.


Division's Main Responsibilities

Sport division main responsibilities involves the following:

  1. Adviser to Secretaries and Customers regarding Sport Technical Issues. 
  2. To provide supports and build up skills of talented students from a young age and prepare them to meet all the requirements in order to be selected from KNOC and NFs, as Elites Athletes.
  3. Train selected candidates to be National Representatives in their distinct sports.
  4. Support National Federations to develop sport throughout Kiribati.
  5. Development and management of Sport throughout Kiribati.
  6. National Federations representative to the Kiribati Government and International Federation
  7. Support Ministry of Health to prevent common disease such as Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity and many more.
  8. Work hand in hand with KNOC to grab and search for funds and assistance from donors in and out of the Country.



Taburimai Tewaki - Principal Sport Development Officer

Willy Uan - Sport's Development Adviser

Kaam Ekeuea - Performance Sports Development Officer

Iotia Paul - Community Sport Engagement Officer

Eremwati Iotua - Assistant Sports Development Officer

Tatereti Baraiti - Assistant Sports Development Officer