Non Government Organization Division


NGO (Non-Government Organisation) was formally established in 2003, within the MISA (Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs). Prior to that, NGO was first initiated, supervised and controlled by MHAD (Ministry of Home Affairs and Decentralization) in 1970’s. It then transferred to MHSA (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs) in 1980’s. During the 1990’s the MESD (Ministry of Environment and Social Development) overseen the NGO, but later moved to MISA before moving to the newly established ministry, MWYSA  (Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs) in 2013. Recently, the NGO is now one of the divisions within MWYSA which deals with any Non-Government Organisations. 

It main purpose is to improve, support, empower and collaborate the recognized NGO’s in order to improve the wellbeing of the communities.


Division's Main Responsibilities

NGO’s main responsibilities are:

  1. Register NGO’s in Kiribati.
  2. Empower NGO’s
  3. Distribute the resources to recognize NGO’s
  4. Provide technical assistance to NGO’s & grant to registered FBOs (Faith Base Organisations). 
  5. Coordinate NGO’s on behalf of the government. 
  6. Promote collaboration between the recognized NGO’s



Uriam Robati - Principal NGO Officer

Betania Iteraera - NGO Programme Officer